About Us

About Us

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Mittal Infocom Private Limited a company started with a vision to establish itself at the peak of Technology in the field of Electronics. The owner of the company or we can say "Technocrats" knew the importance of Technology in Electronics in Future and also knew that this is the perfect time to start so that can lead in future.


With the Mission to rule, QFX launched itself in Consumer Electronics. There are LED TVs starting from 19” to 55” and Home Theater Systems starting from 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 and Towers. There are lot of brands of LED TVs in India and the offering from almost all of them are same and the Lower Middle Class is not getting anything extra. QFX LED TVs are not just any ordinary HD LED TV but they are Next Generation High Definition LED TV as our R & D Team has worked hard to bring the quality level to the level of expectation of Indian Consumer. The 4K & Smart LED TVs are also available for Indian Market. Indian market is just like pyramid where the bottom and major share consists of Lower Middle Class and the small top share consist of Premium Upper Class. Our target customer is Lower Middle Class. These class has a certain expectation from Product and does not believe or can say cannot afford big International brands. We always try to provide something extra to our customers which our competitors have failed to provide them and which in-fact is the need of the market.


At QFX our vision is to create a better everyday life for people. We back it up by innovating and designing a wide range of well-engineered consumer electronics, at affordable prices. We aim to serve our customers by offering economical and eco-friendly products manufactured with precision and quality.

Quality entertainment for everyone to enjoy!


Customer is God.

Work for 100% Customer Satisfaction.